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Suffolk sheep have been established in Denmark for 30 years.

The first sheep were imported from Norway by a few breeders that had seen Suffolk in England and were duly impressed.

The breed in Denmark, was thought, as a sheep that it would give a good performance as a pure bred, and the rams would be advantageous for use as terminals sire in slaughter lamb production flocks, with better live weight gains, and carcase conformation.

It was soon realized that their was a need for new blood lines to avoid inbreeding. The first imports came from New Zealand. This; importation gave the breed a much needed lift. Other importations followed from England, Holland, and Germany. Only the best breeding animals were imported so as to preserve the Danish Suffolk at a high international level.

Today their are 1000 registered Suffolk in Denmark.

The Danish Suffolk has been bred to give good production characteristics, easy lambing, high lamb growth rates, good carcase conformation and strong healthy lambs. That’s why the Suffolk rams have been used in many large lamb production flocks.

Denmark’s high health status, means that it is easy to import from Denmark.

All breeding sheep are tested and are free from Madie Visna.

Many sheep are gene tested for scrapie resistant’s, this means their are many flocks that are ARR/ARR.

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